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Reference Listed Drugs RLD Sourcing

Advanced Solutions For All Your Comparator Sourcing Requirements

Comparator Sourcing

Developing a new drug requires going through an extensive process. Sourcing Comparators demands substantial time, effort, money, and network. Therefore, it is vital to have a trusted comparator sourcing partner who can assess your requirements and deliver the required Comparator, on time in full.

Neunco offers customised services in sourcing and distributing Comparators for clinical trials. With our unparalleled market expertise and broad geographical network that spans the globe, we ensure that you have the right Comparator for your pre-clinical trials, clinical trials and bio studies. Neunco’s team of experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable in the sourcing and distribution of Comparators, ensuring that we provide a reliable and tailored service for our clients.

Reference Listed Drug (RLD) Sourcing

Neunco supports the development of generic drugs, resulting in increased accessibility of generic drugs and the availability of quality treatments worldwide. Reference Listed Drugs lay the foundation for the creation of generic drugs. Our global network of qualified sourcing experts, temperature-controlled transportation and validated logistics chain allows us to facilitate exact RLD requirements On Time and In Full (OTIF).

Reference Listed Drugs RLD Sourcing

Flawless Supply Chain Management That Upscales Your Processes

With our efficacious supply chain management and market expertise, we can guarantee the delivery of products from our structured and traceable supply chain. We understand that our stakeholders are scattered globally and have diverse requirements. No matter what part of the globe you are located in or the comparable drug you may need, our services are provided promptly and as effectively as possible.

Customer Centric Sourcing of Comparators and RLD

Neunco employs strategic sponsor and customer-centric global Comparator sourcing along with a set of standard needs that are fulfilled to accommodate any sourcing requirement. We provide an extensive range of services that ensure timely availability for clinical studies

  • Sourcing from a specific country
  • One to many pack delivery
  • In single or multi-batch lots
  • Long expiry dates
  • Specific batch number
Custom Centric Sourcing Of Comparators And RLD

State of the Art Certified Storage Spaces

Neunco has an EU GDP-certified warehouse located in the Netherlands for EU
operations and a certified licensed distribution centre in New Jersey, USA. We have verified storage locations with a combined capacity of 20,000+ pallet positions in ambient, refrigerated, and frozen conditions. We have a variety of storage bins that can accommodate anything from a single piece to hundreds of thousands of packs, ranging in size from tiny bins to pallet-sized bins. We can store RLD/Comparator requirements in our warehouse over the complete life cycle of study and ensure quick response and deliveries as per requirement.

Making Sure You Have The Desired Global Reach

Neunco can deliver the comparator/ RLD worldwide from the EU, USA. We also deliver the comparator/ RLD from South East Asia, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and Latin America to across the globe.

Along with a WDA distributor and wholesaler licence, we have a trackable transportation service that serves several regions, with temperature-controlled specialised vehicles that can provide last-mile distribution. We offer logistics services through qualified partners for cold chain and temperature-controlled shipments for international shipments.


Transparency, Experience & Effective Management

The committed and knowledgeable team of Neunco’s project management staff make it possible for a smooth implementation of the project throughout the entirety of the order cycle of the Comparator.

At Neunco, we believe in transparency and openness. We have a status tracking
system in place that we will extend to our clients, allowing them to actively monitor the status of their order.

The first step incorporates understanding the client’s requirements for the trials.
We scrutinize every sourcing option available to get you optimum results.
We assess the risks and various drug sourcing routes to narrow down to the best fit.
We propose various recommended strategies of the sourcing plan that shall significantly benefit you.

Having an experienced comparator drug supplier provides flexibility
and the ability to better identify risks.

Comparator drug sourcing with Neunco streamlines the process of new drug development and clinical trial supply for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Contact Neunco today for Clinical Trial Supply/ Comparator & Reference Listed Drug (RLD) Sourcing.

Why should you choose Neunco
as your clinical trial supplier?

Unmatched expertise
Powerful research team
Proper customer experience
Adaptable and able to predict the future
Detailed understanding of the market
Ideal cost management solution provider

Clinical trial supply

Management of clinical trial supplies depends heavily on authorised storage facilities. These facilities offer a safe and secure environment for the storage of drugs, assist in ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and facilitate effective inventory management and risk reduction. By partnering with Neunco, clinical trial sponsors can be confident that their drugs are stored safely throughout the trial

In order to conduct successful clinical trials, choosing the right clinical trial supplier is of utmost importance. It’s essential to consider aspects such as quality and reliability, expertise and experience, customization, competitive pricing, communication and support, regulatory compliance, and global reach. When it comes to sourcing and managing clinical trial supplies, Neunco checks all these boxes; streamline your clinical trial supplies management and ensure that your project progresses smoothly and efficiently with us.

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