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In-Licensing and Out-Licensing

With Neunco’s structured licensing services, elevate your pharmaceutical business to greater heights. We are aware of the difficulties pharmaceutical companies face while developing and marketing generic medications and the significance of selecting the best licensing partners to address these difficulties. Our team of skilled experts helps you tap into the full potential of your pharmaceutical company by connecting you with the right licensing partners. With our expertise and global network, we can help you navigate the complex licensing landscape in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our global network of in-licensing and out-licensing partners covers key regions, including the EU, USA, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. In order to ensure a good business match, our committed team meticulously studies your requirements and conducts thorough due diligence to ensure your successful business deal. Right from the first step, we provide all-round project management services. With that, we ensure constant communication and openness along with ongoing support and guidance to ensure your partnership with your licensing partner is successful.

At Neunco, we aim to benefit both our in-licensing and out-licensing partners by making sure that they grow their businesses efficiently. Whether you want to expand your product line or enter new markets or grow your business we can help you find the perfect licensing partner to make you achieve your goals.

Unlock Faster Pathways To Market With Rapid Acquisition

Staying ahead in the competition is a vital factor in any industry, let alone the pharmaceutical one. By acquiring ready-to-file or approved dossiers with technology and dossiers ready for bio studies, you can get the first-mover advantage and maximise your profits.

Our global contacts and a pre-analysed database enable us to deliver dossiers for rare therapeutic areas and complex regulations. Dossiers acquired through our services are created in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the target market, such as the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Semi-Regulated Market, etc., to ensure that your drug performs at its optimum potential.


Providing You With Connections That Are Only The Best

We have partnered with world-class global contract service providers to meet your licensing needs and offer you comprehensive and customised solutions. We can provide you with CRO for hassle-free R&D and tech transfer solutions and CMO to outsource your manufacturing requirements according to your needs. Not just that, whether your requirements are for integrated solutions for research to commercialisation of your project, we are here for you with a wide range of CDMOs that would tick all the boxes for you.

We at Neunco serve as a link between businesses looking to purchase contract services, product technologies, and dossiers and our out-licensing partners that provide these services. By connecting them with verified and recurring clients around the world, we hope to assist our out-licensing partners in expanding their businesses. For our partners, our partnership guarantees a constant flow of business. We specialise in connecting pharmaceutical companies with established market and commercialisation companies to help them generate consistent revenue.

Let us help you take your licensing game to the next level!

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Licensing Services FAQs

When an investor is looking for a drug to invest in, they are finding a drug manufacturing company where they can put their money. This process of the investor going to the drug manufacturer to market the drug is called in-licensing.

When a drug manufacturer is ready with a new drug, they will be looking for an investor who can put in their money to market their drug. This process of the drug manufacturer going to the investor is called out-licensing.

A pharmaceutical consultancy like Neunco helps you choose the right market and investor for your drug. Similarly, if you are an investor, the consultancy would help you in choosing what drug to invest in.

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