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Are you on the lookout for manufacturing or marketing rights of pharmaceutical products, but do not know how to go about it? Then Neunco is the place you need to be. We are the one-stop solution for proper structured licensing services. We provide you with proper information that directs you onto the right path. Adding more value to your business development, our licensing services are the best you will find. While talking about licensing, it generally refers to the development and marketing of generic medicines.


Just like every pharmaceutical company is on the lookout for a breakthrough drug, so are investors who wish to invest and market them. Having properly understood every market and the requirement, we provide in-licensing solutions with precise information and detailed guidance. We offer precise drug information with proper compliance study as well as help in accessing competitive advantages.

Before investing in any drug, it is pivotal to study its uses and its impact on the market. But when you approach us, you can bid goodbye to all your concerns as we provide you with a detailed analysis of the potential drugs you may invest in and which drug shall help you reap maximum benefits if marketed well. So, come forth and we will guide you with our licensing services and whether they align with the core competencies of the market you wish to approach.


If you already have a drug and are on the lookout for someone to market it, then you have come to the right place. Having a blockbuster drug means nothing if you cannot channel it properly and make it available to a wider audience. At Neunco, we are constantly in touch with genuine businesses that wish to invest properly in drugs and take them to the next level.

Right from helping you select the right market, to providing a detailed analysis of the buyer and other necessary information, we are the one-stopshop for all your out-licensing needs. Our alliances with strong partners also embolden your prospects and allow you to sell your marketing rights to the right person.

Licensing Services FAQs

When an investor is looking for a drug to invest in, they are finding a drug manufacturing company where they can put their money. This process of the investor going to the drug manufacturer to market the drug is called in-licensing.

When a drug manufacturer is ready with a new drug, they will be looking for an investor who can put in their money to market their drug. This process of the drug manufacturer going to the investor is called out-licensing.

A pharmaceutical consultancy like Neunco helps you choose the right market and investor for your drug. Similarly, if you are an investor, the consultancy would help you in choosing what drug to invest in.

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