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Customised Contract Services

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When it comes to outsourcing your pharmaceutical contract research, development and manufacturing needs, we understand that each project comes with its own set of requirements. Keeping that in mind, our veterans at Neunco recognise those requirements and shape your plan into reality. Research, development, and manufacturing could be costly, risky and time-consuming processes, so we provide tailor-made solutions that allow you to navigate through them seamlessly.

Finding the right contract service provider is not an easy task as it requires careful curation and a series of considerations before finally landing on a fitting one. We take great pride in connecting companies with the right partners to ensure the successful execution of their projects. Finding the perfect partner is where we excel, making sure you put your faith in the right place.

Bid farewell to the endless search and uncertainty because Neunco is here to connect you with the right CRO, CMO, or CDMO, whatever you may need. Our expertise and assistance make sure that the partner you choose fits all your project requirements to perfection.

Facilitate Your Generic Drug Research with Competent CROs

Adequate and appropriate research builds the foundation for producing the required generic drugs. Any great Contract Research Organisation offers solutions related to Basic Research, Analytical Development, Method Development, Formulation Development, and Technology Development/Transfer. The challenge comes in choosing the right CRO that can understand your requirements, accurately factor in the timeline and cost, and can help you take your project from research and development all the way to tech transfer.

Our selected pool of CROs is equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology that operates under best-in-class quality systems for generic drug development and provides a broad range of analytical techniques. Tasks such as determining the structure, purity, chemical modification, aggregation, particle formation, and stability of the drug substance to address complex generic drug research are all taken care of with precision to the brim.

You can rely on our CROs’ expertise, experience, flexibility and ability to adapt to your specific needs. No matter how complex a drug molecule is, you are guaranteed to get the best possible solution. There is no room for common mistakes that any research team would make as our CROs have their focus on viable directions that produce results with maximum influence on the product’s performance properties. On top of everything, all our CROs make sure to operate on the principle of Quality by Design (QbD).


Transform The Way Of Manufacturing Drugs With Our CMOs

Neunco’s network of CMOs adapts to your requirements, whether you need to scale up from pilot to commercial batch, end-to-end manufacturing, or a site transfer, we provide you with the desired results. We transcend the boundaries to help you find a CMO that will lead your project towards the path of success.

We understand the regulatory landscape of your market, and our CMOs have the required approvals (such as GMP) to operate in your desired markets. Our competent CMOs meet the highest standard of safety and quality at every step of production and have the ability to offer a wide range of formulations in your preferred dosage form, enabling you to maintain a diverse product portfolio and get an edge over others. Along with taking utmost care of the cost caps and punctuality, our CMO partners take complete accountability for your project and have the adequacy to accommodate any production size and deal with any capacity constraints or unforeseen difficulties.

Our CMO’s flexible approach, punctuality, capacity and multi-site facilities will help you accommodate all your production requirements, reduce production costs, simplify logistics, and provide favourable outcomes.

Get Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Needs With Our CDMOs - A Single Key Solution for All Your Locks

Our versatile CDMOs offer integrated assistance for your research, development, and manufacturing needs with expertise in pre-formulation, new formulation, existing formulation improvement, stability studies, validation studies, technology transfer/development, industrial transposition, industrial batch production, commercial production, scaleup, and bulk manufacturing. They have cutting-edge technology, capacious space, dedicated human resources, and industry experience, enabling them to overcome any unforeseen challenges during the process.

We link you with CDMOs who can produce high-potency drugs in your preferred dosage form, be it injectables (lyophilised, ampules, vials, PFS), inhalers, patches, orals, films, aerosols, topical, etc., even in unfamiliar territory. Our CDMOs have the necessary site capacity to manufacture drugs in the quantities you require within the timeframe you specify.

Our CDMOs operate on the principle of Quality by Design (QbD) and work with a dossier-oriented approach to support successful regulatory filing and have the ability to identify the ideal route of synthesis for your drug. Furthermore, we can get you in touch with a CDMO with an in-house team researching mature, off-patent molecules, giving you an advantage in the race for generic drug production.


Contract Services FAQs

CRAMS stands for Contract Research and Manufacturing Services. A pharmaceutical consulting company ideally provides CRAMS for the research and manufacturing services of pharmaceutical contracts.

CDMO stands for Contract Development and Manufacturing Services. CDMO provides drug development and manufacturing services within the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical industry outsources drug development and manufacturing by partnering up with a CDMO.

The difference between a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation(CDMO) and a Contract Manufacturing Company(CMO) is development. CMOs take a pre-formulated drug and manufacture it, while CDMOs do the development and manufacturing of a drug.

Good reasons to begin include speed and ease. Throughout every stage of bringing a drug to market, CDMOs offer complete services as a single point of contact for pharmaceutical development and production.

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