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When it comes to finding contract manufacturers that are particularly into providing API, intermediates etc., we provide assistance so that you obtain a competitive advantage over others in the market. Our R&D team consists of experts who provide you with information on effective partners who help you in improving your overall profitability.

Having recognized partners across the globe, we recommend labs that are able to provide you with state-of-the-art services and help manufacture superior APIs. Our partners are US FDA and WHO approved manufacturing facilities which ensure that you have the right support. Our team dedicatedly work on your requirements and then help you find the perfect match that shall provide you with the kind of APIs you demand.

In addition, if you wish to outsource your research work for any particular drug, we also help you patch up with the right people. Understanding the importance of research and drugs, we connect our clients to companies that have high ethical and moral standards. With so many API and intermediate research and manufacturing companies across the globe, we help you narrow down and provide you with options that shall suit your requirements best. Our team does in-depth research before providing you with suitable options. We are also known to keep to deadlines and provide assistance at the earliest.

Every drug having possesses various components, and hence the search to get adaptive and acute components can become tedious. This is where we come into the picture and after understanding your exact needs, we help you connect with companies that are approved by a regulatory authority.


When it comes to finding raw materials to create an effective drug, no one understands the troubles better than us.  The chemical compounds used to make APIs must be made of superior quality raw materials. And the right kind of contract manufacturer can help you get the exact combination.

With numerous contract development and manufacturing companies out there, it can become a little tedious to find out which one suits you best. At Neunco, we understand what you require and help you patch up with the perfect partner. Hunting down CDMO is a piece of cake when you come to Neunco.

With the rising competition in the market, it can become difficult to navigate from where one can outsource the molecule for formulation development. We help you find reliable CDMO partners who provide you with the chemical compounds for APIs that you want and are looking for. We ensure that you find someone who has all the regulatory approvals so that there is no compromise at any stage. Plus, we also research and track their effective commercial launches so that your success is inevitable.

We join hands with firms that specifically follow the principle of Quality by Design (QbD). The references we provide you will have FDA approval and firms that specialize in research, development as well as the manufacturing of high-quality injectable pharma products. In addition, the CDMO partners that we suggest are capable of providing you with customized solutions, be it liquid or freeze-dried formulation, or ampoules, vials, or pre-filled syringes.

At Neunco, we provide nothing short of the best. Apart from assisting you with the manufacturer’s details, we also help you find efficient labs where the raw materials can be researched, and their effectiveness can be tested.

When it comes to sourcing effective raw materials to create the perfect drug, it can become a little overwhelming as there is so much to choose from. But we research your requirements and narrow down every detail so that we can find the perfect company you can partner with. We help you gather proper chemical compounds so that you get to make a superior quality API.

Contract Services FAQs

CRAMS stands for Contract Research and Manufacturing Services. A pharmaceutical consulting company ideally provides CRAMS for the research and manufacturing services of pharmaceutical contracts.

CDMO stands for Contract Development and Manufacturing Services. CDMO provides drug development and manufacturing services within the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical industry outsources drug development and manufacturing by partnering up with a CDMO.

The difference between a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation(CDMO) and a Contract Manufacturing Company(CMO) is development. CMOs take a pre-formulated drug and manufacture it, while CDMOs do the development and manufacturing of a drug.

Good reasons to begin include speed and ease. Throughout every stage of bringing a drug to market, CDMOs offer complete services as a single point of contact for pharmaceutical development and production.

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